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We've consulted with hundreds of dealers over the last decade and we've spent over $96 million dollars in advertising. As a result, we've helped our dealers sell over a million cars.

Over the years we've seen automotive dealerships waste tons of money due to ineffective, untracked and just plain bad marketing. This "marketing waste" was costing dealers over a million dollars ever year. That's not OK with us.

That's why we created the Million Dollar Marketing Call! It's the most valuable call in the car business. On the call we'll examine your auto marketing by asking you a series of highly specialized questions specifically designed to uncover the holes in your marketing. Becuase of these holes you're money is flowing right out of your pocket.

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The Million Dollar Marketing Call is personalized and private and are only offered four days per month due to our extremely rigorous travel, speaking and consulting schedule.

We could easily charge our normal hourly telephone consulting rate of $2500 but we are waving all fees in order to help the automotive industry in it's time of need. We feel compelled to give back becuase we love this industry and want to help it regain it's rightful place at the top of the American landscape.

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  • The gut-wrenching errors in your automotive advertising which actually repel customers… and the SHOCKING SECRET that eliminates them.
  • An easy-to-implement, "dirt cheap" tool that can miraculously re-energize your past customers and get them to come in for service, buy another car and refer their friends and family.
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  • The one "Golden Nugget" that only 3% of dealers have in place that allows you to get traffic and make sales without spending additional money on advertising…
  • The FOOL PROOF way to get buyers over the fear of car shopping and start viewing you as the only responsible dealer in town.

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