Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller's Unconventional Ideas Terrify Some Car Dealers But Enrich The Lives Of Many Who Are Brave Enough To Follow Their Car Marketing Advice

In case you don’t already know, Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller. They have been called the nation’s leading experts on attracting customers.

They're the authors of the number 1 international bestseller, Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers.

But they are probably most well known for having generated more than $12 billion dollars in revenue for our combined clients and selling more than 1 million vehicles before they were 30.

They have been featured in Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, BusinessWeek, The Washington Post, BrandWeek, Marketing Sherpa, About.com, Orlando Sentinel, Direct Marketing News, Used Car News, Used Car Dealer Magazine, Auto Remarketing, Auto Success, World Of Special Finance, Business Journals across the US and Canada and on Television.

Some people call them the Penn and Teller of Marketing because of their unique partnership, ying & yang personalities, intolerance of bulls***, penchant for straight talk and the ability to help car dealers create marketing systems that attract customers almost like magic.

In the automotive industry they are known as...

The Traffic Guys−The World’s Greatest Automotive Marketers!

Because of the huge traffic and sales explosions their Gravitational Marketing strategies have created for car dealers across the US and Canada.

For Example:

They helped one car dealer in Ohio transform a starving group of salesmen working in a little, burnt-out Chinese restaurant into a $500,000 per month business – selling more vehicles than anyone in his region.

They helped another dealer in a small, dusty town in Central Texas turn his ailing, sleepy business which was selling just 4 cars a month into a mega-success - virtually overnight. In just 60 days that same dealer sold 101 new cars and over 100 used cars.

This formula has worked for over 100 car dealers and continues cranking out millionaires, converting middle-class used car dealers with a failing new car franchise, into near-celebrities within the industry.

Their information has been used with great success around the world, in countries like China, Poland, Great Britain, Holland, South Africa, Maritius and Canada, and in 49 of the great 50 states of this country.

This exact same information has been used by one man to save $2.7 million in one year and has created profits in excess of over $6 million in one year by another.

They have written car marketing campaigns that have aired in almost every major market in the country and as speakers, they have shared the platform with such greats as: Billionaire Bill Bartman, authors Michael York and Dave Lakhani and the man who was called “the chairman of the board of tradeshow rainmaking” by The Wall Street Journal, Joel Bauer.

They have made it their lives' work to uncover...test, prove, and bring together...car marketing strategies for quickly, easily, and affordably attracting quality customers that pay more, stay longer and refer repeatedly giving your car dealership the leverage you need to make as much money as you want and be as successful as you’d like.