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Would you have quit this job at a Toyota store?

Today, we have an even crazier story for you. This is about a guy named Mike in Lousiville, KY. He was a GM at a Toyota store. That's right, we said "was." Wait until you hear what happened to him. Here's the email he just sent us:

"I've always have had a great deal of success in this industry, but like many have lacked the direction and focus needed to utilize my media dollars wisely. Thanks to you and Jim...I've seen the light, and that light isn't in the new car business, constantly being controlled by the market and the manufacturer. In fact in September, with the proper execution of your radio buying process not only did I buy the right spots, but saved a ton of money. The results were "GREAT"...we delivered over 53 used units, 35 of which came in a down market with your 10 day used car campaign and a small budget. A bad market, I forgot to tell my customers and employees.

"Your program has given me the spark and burning desire to take it to the next step. After 30 years of an unbalanced life with long hours, blood sweet and tears, and making someone else rich, now it's my turn to reap the loin's share."

So what did he do??? Yeah, you got it right. He LEFT the Toyota store to start his own gig. In THIS market!! Is he crazy?

Here's what he said about this:

"I'm in the process of opening my own Used Car Super Store. Despite the fact that the majority of my contemporaries think I'm out of my mind resigning from a brand new Toyota store. I truly believe now is the best time to do it. Like the stock market; you don't buy when everything is high."

So, while other dealers are running around, freaking out, pissing their pants, spending all day hitting refresh on their computers waiting to see what the fed, the stock market, or GM is going to do next..... This guy walks out of a killer job at a profitable Toyota store, AFTER a great month.

Why? Well, the answer has everything to do with what we were talking about the other day. See, Mike realized that he could only control so much as a GM. But he had learned so much about how to create traffic, at will, how to spark sales out of thin air, even in a crap market...he decided to take complete control and invest in his future now, while everyone else is ducking! Bravo, Mike.

Of course, Mike has something you don't have. Really, it's not fair. It's an unfair advantage. He has a support system most dealers don't have. He's plugged into a network of fighters and survivors, guys who are willing to share the good stuff. Plus he has two marketing aces in his corner loading his plate with useable, simple, cost efficient strategies to getting traffic and closing deals. That's a pretty powerful thing.

Now, as we mentioned the other day...next week we'll be opening up the Rich Dealers program for 1 final open enrollment period for the year. We're under advisement from some pretty well known business advisors, people we call our mentors, to raise the investment for Rich Dealers to $699 per month for dealers joining after the first of the year.

Without going into too many boring details, essentially it's a way of ensuring that the dealers who get involved are serious, and not just curious. In a market like this, we really need to be picky about who gets involved. It's not a life preserver. It's a business improvement system. Not a get rich quick scheme, but a get rich by methodically making calculated and strategic decisions.

To be honest, we're not completely sold on the idea.Of course, we'd love to capture the extra revenue, but raising prices is a strategy most people resist at first. The point of telling you this is not to beat our chests and say sign up now or else!! As we said, we may not change anything. But, the discussion is out in the open. So, be warned of possible changes beginning in 09.

All this is a way of saying....next week may very well be THE time to get involved. You'll be guaranteed to lock in at the lower rate PLUS you'll get to talk to Mike directly and ask him questions about what he did, how he did it.....why he did it!!

Here's something else....as a member, you'll get to speak to us directly, privately for us to work together on your business. That in and of itself is quite a valuable benefit.

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