Would you have quit this job at a Toyota store?

Today, we have an even crazier story for you. This is about a guy named Mike in Lousiville, KY. He was a GM at a Toyota store. That's right, we said "was." Wait until you hear what happened to him. Here's the email he just sent us:

"I've always have had a great deal of success in this industry, but like many have lacked the direction and focus needed to utilize my media dollars wisely. Thanks to you and Jim...I've seen the light, and that light isn't in the new car business, constantly being controlled by the market and the manufacturer. In fact in September, with the proper execution of your radio buying process not only did I buy the right spots, but saved a ton of money. The results were "GREAT"...we delivered over 53 used units, 35 of which came in a down market with your 10 day used car campaign and a small budget. A bad market, I forgot to tell my customers and employees.

"Your program has given me the spark and burning desire to take it to the next step. After 30 years of an unbalanced life with long hours, blood sweet and tears, and making someone else rich, now it's my turn to reap the loin's share."

So what did he do??? Yeah, you got it right. He LEFT the Toyota store to start his own gig. In THIS market!! Is he crazy?

Here's what he said about this:

"I'm in the process of opening my own Used Car Super Store. Despite the fact that the majority of my contemporaries think I'm out of my mind resigning from a brand new Toyota store. I truly believe now is the best time to do it. Like the stock market; you don't buy when everything is high."

So, while other dealers are running around, freaking out, pissing their pants, spending all day hitting refresh on their computers waiting to see what the fed, the stock market, or GM is going to do next..... This guy walks out of a killer job at a profitable Toyota store, AFTER a great month.

Why? Well, the answer has everything to do with what we were talking about the other day. See, Mike realized that he could only control so much as a GM. But he had learned so much about how to create traffic, at will, how to spark sales out of thin air, even in a crap market...he decided to take complete control and invest in his future now, while everyone else is ducking! Bravo, Mike.

Of course, Mike has something you don't have. Really, it's not fair. It's an unfair advantage. He has a support system most dealers don't have. He's plugged into a network of fighters and survivors, guys who are willing to share the good stuff. Plus he has two marketing aces in his corner loading his plate with useable, simple, cost efficient strategies to getting traffic and closing deals. That's a pretty powerful thing.

Now, as we mentioned the other week we'll be opening up the Rich Dealers program for 1 final open enrollment period for the year. We're under advisement from some pretty well known business advisors, people we call our mentors, to raise the investment for Rich Dealers to $699 per month for dealers joining after the first of the year.

Without going into too many boring details, essentially it's a way of ensuring that the dealers who get involved are serious, and not just curious. In a market like this, we really need to be picky about who gets involved. It's not a life preserver. It's a business improvement system. Not a get rich quick scheme, but a get rich by methodically making calculated and strategic decisions.

To be honest, we're not completely sold on the idea.Of course, we'd love to capture the extra revenue, but raising prices is a strategy most people resist at first. The point of telling you this is not to beat our chests and say sign up now or else!! As we said, we may not change anything. But, the discussion is out in the open. So, be warned of possible changes beginning in 09.

All this is a way of week may very well be THE time to get involved. You'll be guaranteed to lock in at the lower rate PLUS you'll get to talk to Mike directly and ask him questions about what he did, how he did it.....why he did it!!

Here's something a member, you'll get to speak to us directly, privately for us to work together on your business. That in and of itself is quite a valuable benefit.


"I Can't Wait For Things To Get Worse"

We know it sounds crazy, but we just hung up the phone with a dealer named Tim who said those exact words. Incredibly, in the middle of the worst year in the car business in 20, maybe 30, years he just wrapped up his best month ever! He sold more than 100 units last month and is already coming out of the box strong in November.

We know, it's absolutely amazing...but really it's not that rare, which is why we're writing you. We've been helping car dealers just like you for 10 years now. There have been some ups and downs, but nothing like this. And this "crazy market" has definitely had us laying awake at nights, dreaming up new ways to help all you guys survive right now and make it through, thinking of ways to help you do what Tim is doing.

First, you need to know that we're not trying to sell you anything. Quite the contrary. We have no hidden agenda. Our motives are very clear. All we want to do is help you, if you'll give us the chance... Understand...

2009 could be your best year ever or your worst year ever. . . it all depends on YOU!

It seems crazy, but we actually know a number of dealers right now who are not just "staying afloat" but actually doing well during this frozen market. The best part is that they're doing it in the midst of the election, the negative news on TV every night, locked up credit markets, while everyone is singing the blues and saying it's the worst market the car business has ever seen. And it's true. Things are changing...
When we emerge from this bear market we predict the car business will be changed forever. For better or worse. But things won't just go back to the way they used to be. Not this time.

Of course, time for a reality just may not be reasonable for you to expect to have your best month ever right now. But hell, how about just doing as well as you were doing a year ago, or even 3 months ago. Most dealers would be elated with that.

Well in spite of all the bad news, we have a small, savvy, contrarian group of dealers in towns all across the country (big markets, small markets and every size market in between) who are continuing to stay on track, remaining profitable, having fun, and moving forward.

Our question is, "Will you let us show you how they are doing it?"

In this email, and in a few others during the next week we'd like to pull back the curtain and shed some light on some of the methods being used by these "mutant" dealers, and let you in on a few secrets in the process.

In won't cost you a penny, and in a matter of just a few minutes per day, things will all start to make sense by the end of next week...

Let's begin with the first thing you MUST understand.

The current auto market meltdown could be the single greatest opportunity ever in your career in the car business. . .

The car business is off about 35% across the board. Some markets, some segments, some dealers are seeing more like a 50% decrease. But dealers everywhere are exiting the scene. Small dealerships are closing up. Big dealerships are cutting back. Some mega-dealers are disappearing in a puff of smoke. In typical knee-jerk reaction, people are acting like it's the end of the world. Of the dealers who are still in business in your town, 80% of them are so beaten, battered, discouraged and mentally defeated that they just can't muster up the energy to compete anymore. They're tapped out. Running on empty.

On top of all that, their attitudes are terrible. Just look around and listen at the auction. What do you see? Dealers barely hanging on, complaining...or in some cases, just sitting on the outside, paralyzed by fear. These are the folks who have bought hook line and sinker into the negative headlines the fear-mongering media is pumping out. It's so bad that they've completely given up and are now just waiting for the grim reaper to appear, looking out the window, seeing the hearse pull up their drive to pick them up.

The reality is that only a small sliver of the dealers out there understand that people are still wanting, and buying cars, deals are still getting done, and the pie --- for those who are willing to keep fighting --- is actually increasing in size, not decreasing, since it's being split up between far fewer "participating" dealers. At different times, under different circumstances, it may be easier or more difficult, but still, under all circumstances, at all times, money moves around, changes hands, gravitates to the person with a system for attracting it.

Are we saying this is easy? Are we saying anyone can do it? No! Without a doubt this is the most challenging time we've ever seen in the car business. But all challenges come with opportunity. And the tougher things get, the better off the survivors will be in the end.

Is this more of that "positive thinking will set you free" mumbo jumbo? No. . .it's actually much, much bigger than that!

Before we go any further, let us tell you this isn't just some feeble ploy to pump you up and motivate you to waste time and money on some futile attempt to stay in business. This ain't one of those "glass half full" pep talks. Of course, your attitude toward the situation is important, but it isn't everything. It's where it all begins, but that's about it. If you don't immediately grasp the power of what we're telling you, then you may want to consider packing it in for good, or taking a long vacation until things get a little better.

Why would we say such a thing?

Not to be mean, just to be honest and fair. If you can't wrap your brain around this idea, and see this situation as an opportunity, and not a curse, then our ideas probably won't be of much benefit to you. But if you do accept what we're telling you and are willing to be open to the idea of success, even in this market, then we're going to offer to send you some highly valuable and helpful information now, and over the course of 2009, and it won't cost you a single penny. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Before we get to all that, please consider something...

Really think about the conditions. . .

Right now, we're seeing a perfect storm churning that just may turn into the biggest turnaround of your life. The auto market has been contracting for two years. The credit markets (thanks to the tax payers' generous $700 billion bailout) will soon be loosening. At some point, all the pent-up demand will come rushing forward. All those buyers who have been sitting on the sidelines since the beginning of 2007 will soon cave in and buy a car. And it's all likely to begin in 2009.

Most of history's greatest fortunes have been made when everyone else was stricken with fear. But only those people "in the game" when it happens will benefit from this onrush of excited buyers. And who can predict exactly when it will happen? Nobody. And most dealers will be busy counting their cutbacks when it happens, and the spoils will go to the few guys with the guts to stick it out. Sad, but true.

Warren Buffet said it best, "Be fearful when other people are greedy...and greedy when others are fearful." Have you ever seen the level of fear in this business higher than it is right now?

Now is the time to prepare and lay the foundation for what is to come. . .

You've probably heard about our Rich Dealers program in the past. This is the premier solution used by dealers around the country to "sharpen their axes" - meaning, to improve their customer attraction, retention and referral processes to the point of highest efficiency. We're not writing today to try to "sell" you into the program. In fact, you can't even join this week. We only accept new members during certain "open enrollment" periods that occur a few times per year. Next week happens to be one of those periods, by the way, so you may want to begin considering how you'll respond when given the opportunity to get involved.

The opportunity and the ability is inside you.

Most dealers look to external forces to determine their fate. The government, the auction, the manufacturers, the banks, the alignment of the stars. But your fate rests in you, not in your environment. The course you pursue is the course you choose. You must elevate your thoughts, your expectations, your confidence to the point where external factors cannot harm you. Your ability to adapt and compete is determined by your willingness to prepare and improve.

Now is the moment to decide that you're going to make a real, live effort to kick your business into high gear in 2009, which begins right now.

Besides, what's your alternative? Bankruptcy, get a job at another failing dealership, become a fugitive, get a job waiting tables. None good. Please realize, we're not saying these things to pump you up or to scare you. We're saying this to cause you to understand that you're in charge, you decide. You don't have to cave in to the heavy emotions surrounding this market. You don't have to embrace fear and accept defeat. Other dealers are succeeding, and you can to. And even if you don't believe you can have your best month ever, at least endeavor to get back to what you were doing 3, 6 or 12 months ago. You can do that, can't you?

The best part is. . . damn right you can!

It's within your reach. All you have to do is believe it, clearly define an effective strategic plan and apply massive action to making that plan a reality. Life does not get better by hope or gets better by planning and acting!

So, don't bother yourself with getting pumped up. But do bother yourself by taking the time to click that link and request the fr-ee newsletters and training programs. And do begin thinking about how involved you'll choose to be next week when we open up the Rich Dealers program for the last time in 2008.

The level of thinking that got you where you are will NOT get you where you want to go!

Truth is, 12 months from now you'll be somewhere. But...where? If you crumble under the weight of the negativity, you likely won't be in the car business. But one thing is for sure ---- many dealers will still be in the business. And by then, they just may be making hay again. Won't you kick yourself if you miss it?

Of course, is attitude the only thing you'll need to make it through? No, but it will get you started. Past that, you'll need one or two good, reliable methods for attracting customers and a system for maximizing the customers and traffic you already have. It's just a few small pieces that are missing.

Many dealers wonder, "Why, if it's so simple, don't you just write it right here in this email?" Great question. Because, if we gave you the simple solution right now, you wouldn't believe it, you would just brush it off and go on with your day.

You must EARN the right to learn the information. You earn it by first determining that you WILL stay in and fight and NOT give up or give in. And frankly, you earn it by demonstrating a willingness to pay for the information. Because fr-ee advice is bad advice that you won't listen to. But when you pay for it, especially these days, you'll be far more likely to take it in, and implement. It really is for your own good. But that's a discussion for another week maybe. But get your "thinking about it" out of the way now so you'll be ready for action then.

Our suggestion is that you get your attitude and mindset on the path to becoming unstoppable. Then begin developing the definite plans, strategies and skills to make it all happen.


Until next time, we're looking out for you,

Jim & Travis
Creators of Gravitational Marketing and founders of the Rich Dealers program

P.S. If there is anything at all we can do to help you during these challenging times, please call us at 1-800-930-7194 (ext 0). We would love to see you turn things around and experience some of the same great successes that many of our clients are having right now.

PPS There is absolutely no charge for a "hidden wealth" consulting call. And if you'll take the time to pick up the phone and call 1-800-930-7194 (ext 0), we'll schedule a time for you to speak to one of our Rich Dealers advisors.


Put A Good Car Guy In Charge Of Wall Street

By Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller

You’ve heard about the bailout right? Dumb question. We’ve all been reading about the bailout bill that’s being worked over by the bureaucrats in Washington. You’re probably feeling the pain from the credit crunch and mortgage debacle that started this mess.

It seems like none of these people involved with this mess have a clue about smart business, good deal making or fiscal responsibility.  Imagine if you ran your dealership this way. You’d be out of business faster than an Olympic sprinter with a digestive problem (that’s fast).

Consider this… If you put a good car guy in charge of Wall Street we wouldn’t have this problem. You know how to desk a good deal and get things done. You can put the fix on steroids if you put direct marketers like us next to the car guy.

Why a direct marketer? Because we’re masters at tracking where every dollar gets spent and where every penny originates. Knowing your numbers is paramount to keeping your profits high and your liabilities low.

Plus, direct marketers like us are fanatics about testing. We try new things all the time but we make sure they are profitable before we continue doing them. We don’t just through a whole bunch of new things in the mix and hope it all works out. That’s foolishness. This is the kind of stuff that’s ruining our country and many dealerships too.

Listen up guys… this is really important especially as things get tighter with credit and consumer confidence drops. The days of being loose about the way you track your marketing results and where your ups and sold deals come from is over.

You need to start implementing smart, response-oriented marketing systems and strategies that get results and can be measured. Gravitational Marketing is built on these foundations. It is an accountable customer attraction system of marketing for a car dealership.

If you want to stay alive you have to keep marketing. You can’t just opt out until the market comes back. The reality is it may never come back to the lending free-for-all it’s been in the last 10 years. Dealers have to evolve. You have to be more diligent and become a smarter marketer. If you don’t market you’ll go out of business fast. The dealers who market through the slow time will succeed and have ultimate power when the market levels out.

It really is, you snooze… you loose time. But because things are tight, there are fewer deals to go around and financing is harder than ever. You have to spend your money wisely and you have to have systems that will track, test and measure your expenditure.

The time to get smart about marketing is now. Or suffer the consequences later.


Paul Newman Dead, $25 Billion For Detroit 3 & Some Good News

A big weekend in the world and in our world (the auto industry).

If you haven’t heard, automotive and racing enthusiast, legendary screen actor & philanthropist Paul Newman died due to complications of cancer this weekend.

Paul was a legend and a great guy. He influenced many lives. This kind of thing always makes me think about how I will be remembered once I’m in a five-foot tall pine box.

Have you ever thought about that? How you will be remembered after you’re gone? Is what you’re doing now giving you the opportunity to create a lasting legacy that you want to be remembered for? If you not, you need to do something different. More on that in a moment.

First, let’s talk about the $25 billion bailout for the auto manufacturers and the $700 billion for Wall Street. It’s real. It’s here and it’s making everyone a bit nervous. What will happen? No one’s sure. Will it work? No one knows? What happens if we don’t pass the $700 billion? We’ll see.

Here’s one thing you can be sure of. There is always a silver lining and you need to become the master of finding it and showing it to your customers. That’s what will make you prosper during this extremely dark and uncertain time.

A success strategy for the current climate is to become a beacon of hope… a champion for positivity and ray of sunshine in an overcast period for most people.

Your prospects and customers are being inundated with bad news from every direction: the economy, media, friends and family. But everyone can use a bit of good news. That’s your opportunity.

So if you’re looking to sell more cars, not fewer, fatten your personal bank balance to a level several times unprotected by the FDIC (meaning multiple 6 figures) so you can take care of your family, not stress under the weight of current economic conditions and leave a legacy that’s worth talking about then you need to do something different than you are doing right now.

Same old strategies, same old results. These are new times in the car business and they require new ideas. The ideas of the last 8…10…even 15 years are no longer “what’s working now.”

Wanna know what’s working now?

There are a few things. A few major things that we are seeing work for our Rich Dealers all across North America.  We shared one strategy earlier in this email but there are plenty of others.

Plus success is about more than one tactic. It’s about good strategy. And today it’s all about a good recession marketing strategy.

If you want to sell cars in tough times you have to tap into the hidden wealth that’s buried in your business. You have acres of diamonds in your backyard that you are leaving undiscovered. There are untapped resources and riches just beneath the surface. We can help you uncover them and capitalize on them.

Get our free marketing toolkit here


Where Have All The 520-660 Credit Score Customers Gone?

A hot topic in the Rich Dealers discussion group, on the Roundtable calls and at our live in-person mastermind session in Orlando last month has been the disappearance of the 520-660 credit score customer.

In the recent months this quality and lucrative customer has vanished from dealerships all across the country and we’ve been hearing about it.

Many dealers are charging us with the task of coming up with a solution to this problem and creating something that will attract this highly profitable customer group out of their homes and into dealerships.

If you’re experiencing this same phenomenon and are wondering where these mid-quality credit customers are then you need not fret. We have the answer.

We know how to get this group of customers out of hiding and gravitating to your lot. It requires an understanding of the reasons why they aren’t buying now.

You see, because this group of people is somewhat aware of their surroundings they are listening to the news and reading the papers and are scared by the media hype of an uncertain economic future. They’re nervous, they’re confused and they are waiting out the storm.

What they need is reassurance… not gimmicks. Most Same Is Lame auto marketing is all gimmicks. To attract this customer you need to add an element of reality and positivity.

This customer is going to be motivated by a dealer who can show them confidence and value. Someone who can bring some objective reality to the prospect’s worldview and show them that they can have what they really want (a vehicle upgrade) and that it’s a smart decision.
You’ve got to start being real, showing some personality and stop doing the same gimmicky car crap that every other dealership is peddling. Oh, and stop selling those commodity vehicles in your marketing. It doesn’t excite anyone.

The Results Are In…

Our first month of the Rich Dealers radio program is officially over and we have stellar reports coming in from all over.

One of the most interesting comments we have gotten from our charter members is that they are seeing an increase in the number of the 520-660 credit score customers.

It looks like we’ve cracked the code of using the radio to build confidence and value and drive traffic. The program doesn’t only deliver this customer but it is one of the only things out there right now that seems to be bring these mid-quality credit customers out of hiding.

If you would like to see if your dealership qualifies for our Attraction Radio Program, call the number below and speak to Erin from our office to schedule a private, 19 Minute Richter Scale Radio Market Analysis on the phone to explain the details of the program, our trademarked creative concept. Plus we’ll review your market and discuss qualifications.

If you’re interested in discussing how you can get more of these mid-quality credit customers into your dealership and want to schedule a free, no obligation, 19 minute Richter Scale Radio Market Analysis.

Contact Erin at our office at 407-275-8667