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How To Put An "Iron Cage" Around Your Customers…

We all know that getting new customers is getting harder, not easier. But, you gotta make money, right? Exactly.

The secret to making more dough in tough time like these lies in your existing and past customers. We know, this isn't sexy. But, neither is going out of business or transferring money from your personal checking account into your business account to pay the bills.

Don't worry…this isn't about the same old, lame old, pathetic tactics you've heard so many times before. We're not talking about dialing for dollars or anything like that.

This is about an automatic, systematic method for increasing the transaction size on every customer and setting up an "iron cage" around your customers so they can't escape and go anywhere else.

…Think about how different things would be if you could begin, immediately, getting repeat car-buying customers.

…Consider how different your job would be if your customers thought of you first when it was time to buy another car.

…Imagine what it would be like if more and more of your customers started using your service department, instead of defecting off to jiffy lube.

Obviously, it would have been helpful to have had all this in place 3 years ago. Now, in this economy, you could sit back and enjoy the fruits of your early preparation. But it is what it is. Your crystal ball must have been busted.

There is something you can do about it now…right now.

We've teamed up with legendary high-profit consultant, Mark Tewart, to bring you a customer loyalty and retention program like none other in existence.

Before you get nervous and start to think we're trying to sell you something…you need to know a few things…

  1. There are absolutely no upfront fees…
  2. There is absolutely no risk (we'll explain in a moment)…
  3. You must make additional money before we get any financial benefit whatsoever…

Before you get worked up and start thinking this must be overly-complicated, or require some special training, you need to know a few more things…

-This program is fully automated (no salesman, sales manager or anyone else in the dealership ever has to do anything different)

-It completely integrates with your current customer database and works to automatically reactivate old customers who haven't been to your store in years…

On top of all that, if it can get any better, this program delivers a tremendous benefit to your customers and makes them actually WANT to do business with you again and again and again.

Of course, we understand that this sounds too good to be true. And, if you're a skeptic, and you don't yet trust us…well, maybe it is. And that's too bad. But this isn't for everyone.

But if you're open minded enough to at least consider the possibility that what we're saying is true, there are two other important points we must make:

First, a guarantee. If you use this system at your store, and at the end of 90 days feel like your time was wasted and the system wasn't what was promised, we'll all part as friends, and you'll get a check for $5,000 for your trouble.

Second, a bit of a motivational boost. In order to get started, you will have to speak to Mark Tewart, in person, on the phone. Mark will tell you all about the program, explain how to get started, and ask you to make a decision. Some people might call that a pitch. Since there is no upfront money required, it ain't much of a hard sell!

Nevertheless, you're busy. And we want you to make the time to speak to Mark. So, when you get scheduled, and complete your call (it should take about 30 minutes) we're going to give you, as a gift, the brand new Repeat & Referral Business training program we recorded live at the League of Extraordinary Dealers event – whether you choose to use this system or not.

Great deal? Yes. We'd call this an irresistible offer. But sometimes that's what it takes to get the attention of busy people like you.

Do this. Check it out. Have the call. You won't regret it.

To get scheduled with Mark, please contact Jamey Holder at our office at 407-275-8667, or email her at jamey@goodgravity.com, and she will provide you with a white glove service experience and get you connected asap.