The Top 10 Reasons Why Meeting Planners & Seminar Bookers Choose Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller Over Every Other Speaker About Marketing a Car Dealership

Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller are eccentric marketing guys with a psychotic twist. Their trademarked car marketing ideas have been used by business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals around the world.

Jim & Travis defy labels and at times, good taste. But their presentation (aka "show") is an unforgettable experience that is a must see event. Plus they're the only speakers in the car marketing industry to put their money where their mouths are by offer their "Greatest Show On Earth Guarantee."

Here are the top ten reasons why meeting planners and seminar bookers choose Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller Over Every Other Speaker…

10. Expertise:

With thousands of other options to choose from why choose Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller? Because when it comes to business, entrepreneurship and even marketing a car dealership there are speakers and then there is Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller.

They don't talk about brand building, getting your name out there or fluffy ideals. They deliver the goods—hard hitting, business building information that people truly want and need.

Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller consider themselves "anti-speakers" because they don't speak for the fun of hearing themselves talk. They speak to make a change in people's lives and bank accounts. They are the only speakers who focus on REAL WORLD strategies that they don't teach you in business school.  

9. Fun:

Nobody really likes to go to presentations but they all love to go to shows. Jim & Travis are more like a Vegas show team than speakers. Their high energy and on stage antics have prompted audience members to call them the Penn & Teller of the platform. When they hit the stage it's explosive. Audience participation, laughter and tools you can use are guaranteed when you book Jim & Travis.

8. Aftertaste:

With a good scotch the first sip is only the beginning. The same goes for a presentation with Jim & Travis. Your audience will get to savor a lasting relationship with Jim & Travis long after their show. Jim & Travis work very hard to cultivate relationships and deliver enormous value with a mission to create relationships for life with everyone they meet.

7. Motivation PLUS:

We've all heard the classic motivational speaker. You know the one who comes in, does a song and dance, gets everyone all fired up and then leaves with the check.

That's great and people need and want motivation but they also need and want more. They need stuff they can use—meat and potatoes stuff.

That's why we give, give, give. We are not motivational speakers although we motivate in our own special way.

We're thought leaders and action instigators. We push your audience to do more than just be motivated for a day but to actually take action on information that will pay off for life.

6. Anti-Can Regulations:

Jim & Travis have extremely strict anti-canned presentation restrictions this means that the show Jim & Travis present to your audience will be custom to your audience.

They take their time to learn about who your audience is and what they want to hear and then customize their presentation to be a custom fit for your group. Never canned, always fresh.

5. Creditability:

Although Jim & Travis both hold master's degrees in communications, technology and organization they aren't theoretical. They are real deal, in the trenches business stunt men. They are also the authors of, Gravitational Marketing: The Science Of Attracting Customers which is their trademarked business attraction system that they have taught business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals around the globe.

They write for trade publications in many industries and have been on platforms all over the country. When you hire Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller you are getting credible experts who work in the field every single day.  

4. Content:

When you book Jim & Travis you not only get two powerful presenters, but you also get two highly respected writers. Jim & Travis can deliver articles, stories, secrets and tips for newsletters or publications both for promotion and added value. This gives your audience a sense of closeness and continuity between the platform and beyond.

3. Unforgettable:

Most people don't remember what they watched on TV last night or what they had for lunch. It's not their fault. We're hit with an enormous number of messages every single day.Because of this we've become very astute at ignorers even of message we want to absorb.

Jim & Travis understand and embrace this fact. They're marketing guys so they know how important it is to make your messages stick. They do just that.

You're audience will remember the key points and will have an unforgettable experience they will talk about for years. And the best part is…you'll get all the credit for making it happen.

2. Two For One:

Most speakers are a one-man-band. Hey that's interesting for the first few seconds...then it gets old. Variety is the spice of life and we bring variety and spice to the table every time they perform.

Where for most speakers you pay for one guy, with Jim & Travis your audience gets two experts, two perspectives and twice the real world business building information. Plus, you get twice the speakers and twice the WOW factor when this dynamic duo blasts on stage.

1. Greatest Show On Earth Guarantee:

If after our program you are not completely satisfied, we respectfully ask that you tear up the check. We make this bold guarantee because out of the many programs we've presented no one has ever requested their money back. Once again, we give you this guarantee so you can feel completely confident in your decision to utilize our services.

All of Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller's programs for associations, companies, and colleges are available as keynote, break-out, half day or full day modules.

Jim & Travis Topic Ideas

Although all of Jim & Travis' shows are "made from scratch" they do have some topic ideas that will help you formulate the best program for your audience. They will also help you refine this when you call to book them.

  • How To Get Anything In The World You Want: The 7 B's In Sensational

  • SAME IS LAME: Discover What's Unique About You and Exploit It

  • How To Legally and Ethically Sell Yourself Without Selling

  • Branding And Other Bulls***! The truth about what works in the real world.

Jim & Travis' Fee Schedule

Jim & Travis aren't the cheapest speakers and there are two BIG reasons for that:

1). Because they spend so much time working "in-the-trenches" helping business owners jump the ladder of success.  

2). Because they are that good.

Many speakers refuse to post fees online but Jim & Travis want to weed out tire kickers and plate lickers. They want to deal with quality organizations that have a high regard for their audience's time and an extreme dedication to quality.

They are happy to speak about your particular group prior to booking but here are the standard rates effective January 1, 2008:


Keynote/Half Day Fee.......... $10,000

Full Day Fee......................... $15,000


Keynote/Half Day Fee.......... $15,000

Full Day Fee......................... $18,000

*Materials Fee: includes books and handouts (varies with audience size and type)

*Evening: Jim & Travis DO NOT do after-dinner speeches where alcohol is served.

*Time: keynotes up to 90 minutes, half days up to 4 hours

*Expenses: fees do not include first class airfare, lodging, meals and incidentals

*Video/Audio Taping: 10% of speaking fee (Jim & Travis receive the master)

Book Jim & Travis

To book Jim & Travis is easy! Call 407-275-8667 or email Erin [at] goodgravity [dot] com