Attention Used Car Dealers...Excuses Stink!


Excuses excuses excuses...we hear them all the time.


They all have the same theme – they are externally focused. The excuses are never about the things that can be controlled; only the things that are out of the dealers hands.


Some of the most popular excuses are:

  • Location
  • Credit Availability
  • Gas Prices
  • Weather
  • War

The list goes on and on but the number one, biggest excuse of them all is the economy. If a used car dealership is doing poorly the easiest excuse, for most used car dealers, is the economy.


We are here to tell you that the economy is alive and well. You just need to approach things a little differently. Think outside the box.


We recently made a business trip to New York City. Our wives were along so a little shopping was on our list of must-dos. As we made our way around the city what we saw was unbelievable.


Here in a “recession” were some of the longest lines we had ever seen. Restaurants were packed, the subway was standing room only and there wasn’t one available cab to be found.


FAO Schwartz had a ¼ mile long line just to enter the store! We could go on and on but the bottom line is there was a lot of demand. People were spending money left and right.


Some people may have found the excruciating long lines and constant shoulder to shoulder people an annoyance but it brought a smile to our faces.


Money was being spent and not on necessities. No one was complaining about the $10.00 side items at a restaurant we ate at or the $20.00 banana splits down the street at the ice cream shop.


Hundreds of people we lining up to pay the prices without complaint or hesitation.


There we no excuses. We didn’t hear one mention of the “slumping economy”. As far as we could see, the economy was not only alive but booming in New York.


A police brutality protest was being held on 5th Avenue. Thousands of people showed up holding signs and blocking traffic. You would think this would detour many shoppers but to our amazement the lines still went on and people shoved their way into the stores. Some of the protesters themselves held signs in one hand and Bloomingdales bags in the other.


Why was 5th Avenue so packed with busy shoppers?


Demand demand demand. 5th Avenue has something people want. Not what they need but what they want.


5th Avenue doesn’t have to market to bring people into their stores. They simply have to give the people what they desire.


What is it that people want from your business? What does your used car marketing focus on? Is it what you want to sell or what people want to buy?


People are more than willing and able to spend money. People love to buy so you must position yourself in a way that you give them what they want.


You think your business is different? You’re not a store on 5th Avenue in NYC? There are those excuses again.


People are willing to spend money and the opportunity is sitting there waiting for you to take it by the reigns and run with it.


Excuses won’t even get you out of the starting gate.


You can’t sit back with your excuses and expect to bring in the ups. Excuses equal negativity and that will be magnified throughout your business. People don’t want to spend their money in a negative place.


Now is the time to set yourself apart from the others. How are you different? What do you have to offer that people want – not need but WANT.


Let’s take a step back to NYC. FAO Schwartz has many of the same toys that other popular toy retailers carry.


Now we are certain that those other toy stores are very busy around the holidays but we are also just as certain that you will not see a ¼ mile long line just to enter their stores.


What does FAO Schwarz on 5th Avenue do differently? You need to think about the experience that the store gives to its’ clients.


It’s not just about the toys, it’s about the whole experience of the journey. That’s how you need to think about your business.


What kind of experience are you giving your clients? Is it the same experience as the other 4 used car dealerships in the area or is yours unique? Something the consumer wants.


It’s time to put the excuses to bed and stand up for yourself and your used car dealership. Take action now and stop blaming your lack of success on anything but your own actions.


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