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Success Strategies for the New Automotive Economy: Guest Ken Potter



It's a podcast, it's an interview, it's a radio show... it's "Straight Talk with Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller."

This interview is a part of a special series created exclusively for auto dealers who want to drive more traffic and find success in the ever changing new economy.

Success Strategies for the
New Automotive Economy

The Guest: Ken Potter, VP of Automotive for Carsdirect.com

Website: www.CarsDirect.com

A bit about Ken:

Ken is the vice president of automotive for CarsDirect.com. His influence can be felt at all levels of the company: from customer service, sales, dealer relations, industry trends and F&I related products.

For more than six years, Ken has been helping CarsDirect create a more user and customer friendly sales experience from the initial visit all the way through the sales process.

Ken is a real deal car guy. Before joining CarsDirect.com he was a General Manager for CarMax, helping them grow and improve stores across the country. Not only is Ken a car guy, but he is also a veteran. Ken served in the US Air Force's Nuclear Missile Program.

In this interview, Ken shares his vast knowledge of what car shoppers want which he has complied from hundreds of thousands of consumer interactions.

Download the interview, for free, and enjoy.