Revitalized Your Used Car Dealership

Where Did All The Customers Go?

Your used car marketing is the same as it used to be when the customers drove in one after another to buy a car.

The small ad and a few radio spots used to be the ticket for brining in new clients.

Not anymore, but why?

What has changed?

The buyers have become in short supply for a number of reasons.

  1. The traditional way of doing things is no longer working. It’s worn out and ineffective.
  2. Everyone is doing the same thing. Used car dealers are copying other used car dealers time and time again. Putting the same information in front of consumers makes them immune to it all. They no longer notice the difference from one dealer to another because all the used car marketing looks identical.

Don’t waste another dime on worn out methods that don’t work. If you want the traffic back into your dealership you need to take a second look at what you are marketing. You have to be willing to take a risk and do something different. That is the only way to bring back traffic to your business.

So what does work? How can you be different?

  • Stop Selling Used Cars

Yes, you heard us right. People don’t care about what type of used cars you have sitting on the front row and how many features this one or that one might have.

Every used car dealership has cars and many of them are the same thing with the same features. You need to tell them why they should pick you.

What do you have that they want? What do you have to offer that makes you special? How can you solve their problems? You must create a compelling reason for people to buy from you. Price and selection aren’t gonna cut it anymore.

  • Stop thinking only about the media

When placing your ad you probably wonder which form of media you should go with. You pick one and then scratch it off your list and move on to the next type when it doesn’t work. This is the wrong way to approach it.

First, you need to think more about who the ad is targeted at and what they want. This is a critical first step. No ad no matter where it is placed will work if the target audience isn’t reached with the right message.

Next you need to try a number of media types. People are listening to the radio but they are also reading the newspaper and watching TV. Think about all your possibilities.

  • Sell Results

You have to make your potential customer think that they would be crazy not to choose you. You must make yourself the only logical choice. This is where the uniqueness of your used car dealership plays a role. You have to stand out to be the obvious choice.

You have to be firm with your statements. Make offers that have powerful benefits. Identify your potential customer’s problem and tell them what you have for the solution. What do they have to gain by working with you. What they have to lose if they don’t.

In today’s busy society people want an easy choice. They don’t want a long drawn out process that is going to be labor intensive and time consuming. Show them how you can make their life easier. Make your used car dealership the simple choice.

Hit their emotional side by presenting your guarantees and benefits through a compelling story or message that you can measure the results. There are a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners that don’t know this information or are too lazy to use it. You can’t be afraid to be different. That’s what will get you noticed.

With this information in hand you have a powerful weapon against the competition. If you don’t hold back the customers will come back.

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