Sell More Used Cars By Eating Lunch


A few weeks ago we ate at one of those restaurants where they cook the food right in front of you. The chief slices, dices, throws the eggs in the air and makes an onion into a volcano all in front of your eyes. It’s as much a show as it is a place to eat. It’s the whole experience.


We struck up a conversation with the performer/cook at our table. It’s very interesting what you can learn by just talking to the people around you. He had a very powerful statement that can be applied to business as well as everyday life.


He was explaining how he had perfected the scrambled egg trick. You know the one. The cook throws the egg up in the air and at just the right point it hits is spatula and comes crashing down on the hot table to make the scrambled egg. (No shell included, I might add) Now they make the trick look easy but go ahead and try it at home. I guarantee whoever keeps your kitchen clean won’t be none too happy you did.


Our guy went on to tell us that to perfect the trick he decided to practice in the grass. This way there was a chance the egg wouldn’t break when it hit the ground, thus giving him more bang for his buck. He drove down to the nearest market and picked up four dozen eggs. After 48 tries not a one was successful. He thought about giving up. He could just leave that one trick out of his gig. After all he could make shrimp dance and onions flame!


But when the morning came he decided to give it another shot. Off to the market he drove again to purchase another four dozen eggs. Out of 48 more tries he found success.......once.


Should he give up? 96 tries and only one success isn’t very good odds but he had promised himself that he would try until he could perfect the trick so off to the market he went again. This time he was a little more successful. Day after day he made the same trip and day after day he got better and better.


Does this story sound familiar? I think I can I think I can said the little train as it topped the mountain, but that is not the reason I’m sharing this story with you.


He went on to tell us how precise you had to be in order to get it right. The “sweet spot”, as he called it, was less than an inch. (We were sure glad he had practiced or otherwise the egg would have landed on our lap.) Now he got a little personal with us. He told us that when he gets nervous he misses the “sweet spot” but when he does the trick with confidence he nails it every time.


This is the real moral to my story. The same holds true in your used car marketing. The same “sweet spot” exists, but you have to boldly forge ahead. Miss the “sweet spot” and it can be egg on your face.


Most people try different types of used car marketing a time or two and then stop. If our cook had only tried a dozen or two eggs we could have never experienced the full beauty of his craft. Marketing does work but you must keep trying. You can’t just throw up your hands and quit.


The secret is to learn your “sweet spot”. That’s what we help you find through our coaching, training and consulting.


But you can’t just rely on us. We can give you advice but then it’s up to you to put it into action. You can’t be nervous and hide your head.


There is more to Murphy’s law than meets the eye. You ever notice when you really need that next big client they never come. Why – because they can sense you’re nervous and needy. Never let them see you sweat!


When you are busy and there aren’t enough hours in the day the work keeps rolling in. But then you are focused on what needs to be done and not thinking about what isn’t happening. You’re confident and forging ahead.


So now you may be asking yourself, “Where do I begin?”


Start with an expert. Get into a coaching program or hire a mentor. There are many resources to tap into. Find them. Next you have to give yourself permission to spend the money on the marketing. The old saying you have to spend money to make money holds true.


You don’t have to have a million dollars but you do need enough to properly run a proper used car marketing campaign or it won’t work. You do need to keep in mind a budget that won’t break the bank if the campaign doesn’t work. We never make a marketing investment that we can’t just walk away from.


Used car marketing should make you and your target audience a little uneasy. If it doesn’t, you need to take a second look. For example, we once had a client that was a used car dealer out of Dallas. He spent about $30,000 a month in radio advertising. A sizeable chunk of change. He would call us complaining that we had lost our edge if his complaint calls about the ad had dropped from the month before. For some reason there was a direct correlation between the number of complaint calls he received with the number of leads and new customers. Go figure.


Now we are not saying go all out and be offensive in your used car advertising, but I’m making the point that this particular dealer found his “sweet spot”. He didn’t shut down the ad after the first complaint call. He begged for more!


Next time you are doing a used marketing campaign really sit down and think about your “sweet spot”. Practice your craft until you get it right.


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